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  • Hosted PBX Vs. Premise Based PBX : Which One Is Best

    Now there are technical differences in how they work, as a switch, etc etc. Both phone systems have the ability to handle multiple lines, multiple conversations, auto-attendant, voice mail boxes, for a wide range of office sizes. But if you do need some great features, unlimited voicemail ports,[...]

  • Hosted PBX VOIP: A Phone System Crafted For Your Business

    Typically, it is provided by the telephone company and it makes use of the equipment installed in the premises of the exchange of the telephone company. It is not usually concerned with the geographical distribution. In fact, the company can even have the option to have no premises.[...]

  • What Is PABX System?

    It is recommended to make the right choice at once, rather than make an obvious change later. A sudden change may cause a significant customer loss and a terrible drop of sales. Communication is important, but having a customer service department in your small starting business would cause[...]

  • Why Hosted PBX For Small And Medium Business Enterprises

    The ability to enable distributed employees, distributed support centers, or distributed offices that are still seamlessly connected via phone, is one of the top differentiating factors between virtual phone systems and traditional phone systems. Although a serial port can transmit information up to 50 meters, data accuracy is[...]